Lifesense Co2 Monitors

Nonin Medical Launches New LifeSense® ll and RespSense® ll Capnograph Monitors
The Nonin LifeSense ll and RespSense ll are ideal for a wide range of medical monitoring applications where a stand-along capnograph is desirable, including resuscitation, procedural sedation, pain management, post-anesthesia monitoring and sleep testing. With both devices, clinicians have fast, first-breath detection of respiratory rate and end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2).

Product Description

In addition, the LifeSense ll adds Nonin’s proven PureSAT® SpO2 technology which utilizes intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise oximetry measurements. Both capnograph monitors offer key benefits over first-generation LifeSense and RespSense products, including a larger display, internal memory with USB and multiple settings options, among many other advantages.

Nonin LifeSense ll and RespSense ll benefits include:

  • Fast and accurate first-breath technology
  • Meets rigorous ISO requirements for EMS transport
  • Trending of measured parameters
  • Easy-to-use, large 7 in (17 cm), color touchscreen display
  • 36-hour internal memory with USB port
  • Enhanced configuration options for language, units of measurement and alarms
  • One-touch calibration and “Calibration Due” reminder
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty